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20 years old. Identifies as queer. Here's some of the shit I'm into.

I’m just really inspired by how nicki minaj owns the fuck outta her asshole

My favorite mug, in transition

My favorite mug, in transition


Yoshitaka Amano, japanese graphic artist and character designer, usually made his illustrations with ink and watercolor. Well known for designing characters for video games such as Final Fantasy, or his artwork in Sandman or Vampire Hunter D. 



Romeo and Juliet

- Oedipus


- Europa

- Apolonas and Dafni

Svetlin Vassilev

Like seriously sometimes I think about the mind blowing sex I’m having now and then remember all the really horrendous sex I just put up with when I was sleeping around and I just. Am so disappointed with past me.

Thinking back on it now I had way too much patience/tolerance for boys who either couldn’t get it up or came too soon. Like if I could give one piece of advice to everyone it would be, if you’re casually boning a dude who you’re not in a loving relationship with and he’s having problems just don’t. Like there’s a time a place to be patient and promiscuous no-strings sex is not it.